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Many overseas engineers have contributed to Australia's development. As it is not practical to include every engineer who has worked on an Australian project, the criterion adopted for inclusion was 'in the order of at least 5 years residence in Australia'.

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National Biographies

National Biographies will include the list of engineers that was developed by EHA for inclusion in the 2019 Centenary Book titled Anything is Possible. It is considered that this list is simply a starting point and possible future inclusions will be EA National Presidents and winners of the Peter Nicol Russell Career Achievement Memorial Medal.

In 2009 Engineers Australia commemorated its 90th anniversary by sponsoring the Pin Oak Forest in the new National Arboretum in Canberra. It is Forest 41 at the Arboretum and was planted in July 2009. For more information, refer to the Engineers Australia Pin Oak Forest Sponsor Form.

The Pin Oak Forest was planned as an opportunity for Engineers Australia to commemorate the achievements of its engineers. Some 300 trees have been reserved in honour of individuals, senior office bearers and other distinguished citizens who have delivered conspicuous service to the Australian people through the engineering profession. These engineers could also be commemorated by inclusion in EHA's National biographies.

State Biographies

State Biographies are managed by EHA's various Branches. A table of 'Biographies' in alphabetical order is below.

Name Years Occupation State Source Bio No.
Adam, Eric (1913- Mechanical and Electrical Engineer NSW 2001
Albrecht, Martin Carl CEO and Chair Thiess Pty Ltd QLD HOF 4011
Alder, Keith Frederick (1921-2014) Metallurgist and Atomic Physicist NSW 2002
Alfredson, Peter George (1938- ) Chemical Engineer NSW 2003
Ambrose, Stanley Alexander (1926- ) Mechanical Engineer and Welding Specialist NSW 2004
Anderson, David (1923- ) Civil Engineer NSW 2005
Antill, James Macquarie (1912-1994) Civil Engineer and Educator NSW 2006
Ash, Richard Raleigh Civil Engineer NSW 2007
Axon, Sir Albert Edwin (1898-1974) Engineer and Chancellor of Queensland University QLD HOF 4012
Ball, Richard Thomas (1857-1937) Engineer and politician NSW 2198
Baltzer, William Julius (1859-1948) Introduced reinforced concrete to Australia NSW 2209
Bandler, Hans (1914-2009) Civil Engineer NSW 2014
Bennett, John Makepeace (1921-2010) Computer Scientist NSW 2018
Berman, Michael (1937- ) Civil Engineer NSW 2019
Bertony, Joseph (1922-2019) Structural and Mechanical Engineer NSW 2021
Besly, Bryan John Hilton (1934- ) Civil Engineer NSW 2022
Bishop, Arthur Ernest (1917-2006) Mechanical Engineer NSW 2027
Blunden, William Ross (1916-2003) Traffic Engineer NSW 2029
Booker, John Robert (1942-1998) Mathematician and Academic NSW 2213
Bowling, Keith McG Chemical Engineer NSW 2032
Boyd, Arthur Civil Engineer NSW 2033
Bradfield, John Job Crew (1867-1943) Consulting engineer and Sydney transport QLD HOF 4013
Brady, Frank (1928-) Electrical Engineer NSW 2035
Bull, Frank (1917-2003) Professor of Civil Engineering at Adelaide University, Inspirational teacher SA HOF 5001
Burley, Victor (1914-2002) Cadbury Australia Vice Chairman TAS 7001
Burn, Alan (1889-1959) Academic at Tasmania University, first composite bridge beams
and Institution President in 1950
TAS 7002
Burrows, George (1890-1984) Railway engineer and Amiens Gun NSW 2199
Butler, Kathleen Muriel (1891-1972) Confidential Secretary to Bradfield on Sydney Harbour Bridge NSW 2200
Butters, John (1883?-1969) Father of Tasmanian Hydro and developer of Canberra TAS 7003
Cameron, Ian George Consulting engineer in prestressed concrete bridges QLD HOF 4004
Carter, Noel Bruce (1928- ) Mechanical Engineer NSW 2038
Campbell-Allen, Denison (1923-1992) Engineer and academic NSW 2206
Challis, Louis (1936-2017) Electrical, Architectural and Marine Acoustic Engineer NSW 2040
Chapman, Sir Robert (1866-1942) First Professor of Engineering at the University of Adelaide, Founding member of the Institution SA HOF 5002
Chapman, Thomas Grandin (1927-2012) Civil Engineer NSW 2041
Chester, John B Electrical Engineer NSW 2042
Chidgey, Neville D Consulting Engineer NSW 2043
Chitty, Michael Civil Engineer NSW 2044
Clifford, Robert (Bob) Pioneered the high speed ferry industry TAS 7004
Close, John F C Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial & Ergonomic Engineer NSW 2045
Colebatch, Gordon (1910-1996) HEC Chief Civil Engineer and Institution President in 1961 TAS 7005
Corin, William (1867-1929) Electrical engineer at Launceston, Chief Electrical Engineer
for NSW and consulting engineer in hydro-electricity
TAS 7006
Cowan, Henry Jacob (Jack) (1919-2007) Architect and Civil Engineer NSW 2051
Crisp, Colin (1928-1991) Consulting structural engineer and building conservationist NSW 2211
Crowe, Tom (1940- ) Civil Engineer NSW 2052
Davis, Edward (Ted) (1920-1981) Challis Professor of Civil Engineering at Sydney University NSW 2208
Dearden, John (1929-) Civil Engineer NSW 2054
Dembecki, John Adam (1926-) Electrical Engineer NSW 2055
Dresler, Dr Albert Hugo (1904-1963) Lighting Engineer, Physicist, Scientist and Educator NSW 2063
Driffield, Edward (1865-1945) Superintending Engineer of Railways for Mt Lyell TAS 7007
Ebeling, Douglas Roy (1929-2004) Mechanical and Nuclear Engineer NSW 2064
Edwards, John (Jack) General Manager Launceston Marine Board
and Chair of Australian Maritime College
TAS 7008
Evans, Daniel Edward (1885-1951) Evans and Deakin pioneered electric arc welding in QLD QLD HOF 4009
Farrow, Bill (1866-1937) Construction supervisor Sydney Transport NSW 2201
Ferris, John (1925-2015) Civil Engineer NSW 2065
Fielder-Gill, Walter (1923-2010) Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer NSW 2066
Fitch, Ronald (1910-2015) Railway Commissioner and oldest person awarded a PhD SA 5003
Fox, E C "George" Electrical and Mechanical Engineer NSW 2068
Franklyn, Francis Gustave (1911-) Civil Engineer NSW 2069
Fraser, C Keith Civil Engineer NSW 2070
Fraser, Keith (1893-1952) Commissioner for Railways;
Commanding Officer for Beirut to Tripoli railway
NSW 2202
Freeman, A H (Harry) (1921-) Communications Engineer NSW 2071
Fry, George Donald Owner and chair of AIMTEK in Cairns QLD 4003
Freeman, A H (Harry) (1921-) Communications Engineer NSW 2071
Gabriel, Alfred J Electrical Engineer NSW 2075
George, Donald (1926-2014) Mechanical, Electrical and Nuclear Engineer NSW 2076
Gepp, Sir Herbert (Bert) (1877-1954) Mining metallurgist and manager, public servant,
industrialist and publicist
TAS 7009
Gilpin, Alan (1924-2000) Environmental Planner, Consultant and Author NSW 2077
Goldberg, John Louis (1931-2023) Acoustical Engineer NSW 2078
Gordon,_Eugene_Ross (- ) Civil Engineer NSW 2081
Gore, G Bruce (1927- ) Acoustical Engineer NSW 2082
Gosper, James Murray (1903-1997) Civil Engineer NSW 2084
Grover, John Charles (1920- ) Civil Engineer and Geologist NSW 2085
Hansen, Uffe B Civil Engineer NSW 2086
Hattersley, Ralph T Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineer NSW 2088
Hawken, Professor Roger William (1878-1947) Dean of faculty Queensland University, EA President in 1923 QLD 4001
Helsham, Douglas Howard (1919-) Civil Engineer NSW 2089
Hendrson, John Baillie (1836-1921) State Hydraulic Engineer QLD 4005
Holt, Sir James Arthur (1898-1974) Coordinator-General QLD 4010
Humphries, Albert (1879-1969) Sydney Transport Railway Construction NSW 2203
Kemp, Sir John Robert (1883-1955) Coordinator-General QLD 4002
Kinnaird, Malcolm (1933-2014) Founder of Kinhill SA HOF 5004
Knight, Sir Allan (1910-1998) Chief Engineer of PWD and Commissioner of HEC TAS 7010
Lawson, William (Bill) Established the Beacon Foundation supporting young people
into employment and Board member of Reconciliation Australia
TAS 7011
Leech, Thomas David James (1902-1973) Civil Engineer and Scientist NSW 2210
Lewis, Essington (1881-1961) 'The Steel Master', Director General of Munitions, Chair of BHP SA HOF 5006
Lewis, Keith (1927-2013) Chief Executive and Engineer in Chief, Engineering and Water Supply Department SA HOF 5007
McCulloch, Alf (1899-1969) Chief Engineer with major role in electricity industry QLD HOF 4007
McIntyre, John (1924-2006) Consultant and National President of EA QLD HOF 4008
Pak-Poy, Patrick (1933-1988) Founder of Pak-Poy Kneebone, and Government advisor SA HOF 5010
Parbo, Sir Arvi (1944-2019) Chairman of Western Mining Corporation SA HOF 5012
Parson, Rex (1894-1961) Principal SA School of Mines and Institution President in 1955 SA HOF 5011
Quittner, John (1919-2010) Invention of median barrier moving machine NSW 2204
Roderick, Jack (1913-1990) Challis Professor of Civil Engineering at Sydney University NSW 2207
Spratt, Peter Consultant in the conservation of heritage buildings (Port Arthur)
and bridges
TAS 7012
Stamm, Walter (1926-2018) Managing Director John Shearer Limited SA HOF 5013
Sticht, Robert (1856-1922) General Manager Mount Lyell and pioneer of pyritic smelting TAS 7013
Todd, Sir Charles (1826-1910) Creator of the Overland Telegraph Line and scientist SA HOF 5015
Tonkin, Skip (1925-2012) Founder of Tonkin Engineering and Institution President in 1989 SA HOF 5016
Traeger, Alfred (1895-1980) Developer of the 'pedal radio' SA HOF 5017
Warren, William Henry (1852-1926) Challis Professor of Engineering at Sydney University NSW 2212
Watson, Sir Bruce (1928-2008) Chairman of MIM Holdings QLD HOF 4006
Webb, Barry (1940-2022) The man who lit up Sydney, Olympics 2000 NSW 2207
White, Jim (1951-2014) General Manager Whyalla Steelworks SA HOF 5018
Whittle, Jeff (1930-2024) Geovia software for mine optimisation VIC 6017
Williams, Dr Don (1937-2001) Chairman of Australian National Railways;
CEO of Australian Submarine Corporation
SA HOF 5019
Woods, Dr Don (1911-1981) Director Defence Science and Technology Organisation;
Institution President in 1973
SA HOF 5020

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