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EHA Newsletters

The EHA Newsletters were commenced in October 1992. The opening paragraph in the first Newsletter by the Hon. Editor Tony Moulds states:

Welcome to this Newsletter. It aims to provide a means of communication between all persons and organisations who have an interest in Engineering heritage, and to cover the full breadth and depth of this subject across all engineering disciplines, including the history of engineers, engineering and technology, the conservation of physical or documentary evidence of this history, the restoration or reconstruction of past works, and the interpretation of these to engineers and to the general public.

Between October 1992 and October 2012 there were a total of 26 Newsletters, copies of which are available for download from EHA Newsletters (including a summary of the contents for each newsletter).

EHA Magazines

The EHA Magazine was produced from December 2013 through to retirement of the Editor Margret J. Doring, FIEAust., CPEng., M.ICOMOS. in March 2023. There were a total of 30 Magazines published over this 10 year period. The Magazines are available for download from EHA Magazines (including the table of contents for each magazine) or from the Engineers Australia website at

EHA Bulletins

The EHA Bulletins were commenced in July 2021 as a means of regular communication and sharing of topical issues within the wider EHA community. The bulletin is distributed by email with each EHA Branch further circulating to their corresponding members. Past copies of the Bulletin are available for download from EHA Bulletins (including the table of conternts for each bulletin) and more recent editions are also available from the EHA Community on EA Xchange at

Topics addressed in the Bulletin are current engineering heritage (and heritage engineering) issues across Australia, so we can all see what issues are arising, being addressed, needing to be addressed - or what should be on our radars. While some issues may be State (or EA division) specific, sharing them may prompt thoughts and actions by other groups, so could be a very worthwhile exercise.

The contribution by Engineering Heritage Sydney and Michael Clarke and Firas Shawash as editors in launching our current Bulletin is acknowledged and appreciated. However this is an EHA Bulletin and all readers are invited to share news, bright ideas, issues of concern, advice about online talks – anything that would be of interest and helpful to others, by sending them to the current editor whose contact details will be at the end of each bulletin.

Note that statements made or opinions expressed in the Bulletin are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Engineering Heritage Australia or Engineers Australia.

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