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The EHA Newsletters were commenced in October 1992. The opening paragraph in the first Newsletter by the Hon. Editor Tony Moulds states:

Welcome to this Newsletter. It aims to provide a means of communication between all persons and organisations who have an interest in Engineering heritage, and to cover the full breadth and depth of this subject across all engineering disciplines, including the history of engineers, engineering and technology, the conservation of physical or documentary evidence of this history, the restoration or reconstruction of past works, and the interpretation of these to engineers and to the general public.

Between October 1992 and October 2012 there were a total of 26 Newsletters, copies of which are available for download from the table below.

No. Link to Newsletter Summary of Contents
01 October 1992 A New Newsletter (Tony Moulds)
Engineering Heritage and Conservation Guidelines
National Committee on Engineering Heritage
Australian Engineering Plaquing Program
Australian News
Overseas News
New Books and Articles
02 January 1994 Professor Henry J Cowan AO, eminent speaker on heritage
National Committee on Engineering Heritage
Loss of Titan
Australian News
Historic Mining Sites in the National Estate Register
Our Roads Scholar (Dr Max Lay)
Oral History – Sydney Division
The Johnston’s Creek and White’s Creek Aqueducts Receive Historic Engineering Markers
Industrial Heritage Strategy Conference for Western Australia
Overseas News
03 October 1994 Our Engineering Heritage – Can You help?
Members of the NCEH
The NCEH Rolling 5 Year Plan
A Profile – Tony Moulds, Chairman, NCEH
From the Divisions – Western Australia, Victoria, Canberra, Newcastle, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Sydney
A Guide to Sydney’s Engineering Heritage
The Historic Engineering Plaques of Australia
Caring for Our Industrial Heritage
Alice Springs Telegraph Station
Spotswood Pumping Station
Thomas Hawksley, FRS (1807-1893)
Old Boilers Wanted!!!
Bridges Approach the End of Their Lifespan
From the Divisions – South Australia
‘Geelong’s Parthenon’ Hanging in the Balance
Cairncross Graving Dock, Brisbane
04 May 1995 Old Ways in a New Land (Christchurch Conference November 1994)
Sydney Harbour Bridge Video
Walking Tours of Sydney’s Engineering Heritage
NSW Railway Heritage Committee
Plaquing Proceedings
Tasmania’s First National Engineering Landmark (Waddamana A Power Station)
Port Adelaide Swing Bridge Tower Receives Historic Engineering Marker
Museum Workers
Charters Towers Pumping Station
Albert Bridge
Improving a Transport Landmark (Sydney’s Central Railway)
Obituaries – Douglas George Sanderson 1924 - 1994
Obituaries – Denis Cumming 1923 - 1995
05 March 1996 New Listings of Engineering Heritage Items
Bendigo Gasworks Awarded Historic Engineering Marker
Forth Rail Bridge
Duck Reach Power Station Rehabilitation
Historic Marker for Grenfell Street Power Station in Adelaide
Craven Crane to be Conserved – but Help Needed
Catract Dam a National Engineering Landmark
Old Hay Sewerage Treatment Works
People as Heritage
Bridges Down Under
Launceston Railway Workshops Saved
Collecting Contemporary Technology
Main Roads Heritage Strategy
Engineering History Paper Produces an Historic Connection
The Historic American Engineering Record – 25 years of Documenting Engineering Heritage
06 September 1996 Victoria Heritage Act 1995
Port Stephens Takes a Punt
National President Visits Heritage Sites
Historic Engineering Masonry
The Telford Premium
Roman Rushed Job a Magnificent Accident (Pont du Gard)
Let There be Light! – Electrifying Sydney
Turning on the Tap (Brisbane’s early waterworks)
Gold Creek Dam: An Engineering Heritage Landmark
One Hundred Years of Radio
New Heritage Listings of Engineering Items
07 September 1997 Come to Ballarat (9th National Conference)
An Early Hydro-Electric Scheme (1892 Hillgrove and Armidale)
Terowie (Railway) Station Added to State Register
Engineers Fight for Their Heritage (Walsh Bay)
Two New Books – Between Wind and Water, Dr Lenore Coltheart; Australia’s Uranium Opportunities, Keith Alder
Recent plaquing (Urrbrae House and McNaught Beam Engine)
Auckland’s Grafton Bridge
Recovered Ruins at Mortlake, Moggill Ferry
It Cannot be Done!!! (Fremantle Harbour Cranes)
08 November 1998 Queensland’s Early Waterworks
Heritage Plaquing of Taieri Gorge Railway in Otago
Opera House Act One
The 2nd Australasian Conference on Engineering Heritage, Auckland
Eminent Queensland Engineers Volume 2
The River Murray Crossings
Historic Bridge Survey
A Vintage Steam Engine in Toowong, Brisbane
Heritage Compressor
Lancashire Boilers at the Fourex Brewery in Milton, Brisbane
The 9th National Conference on Engineering Heritage Ballarat
The Parkes Radio Telescope – a National Engineering Landmark
Heritage on the Web: IEAust Heritage Home Pages
Dams on the Cotter
Kingston Power Station
The Overland Telegraph
09 October 1999 National Engineering Landmark to Woomera
Dawes Point – A Place of Significant Engineering and Cultural Heritage
Collections (Dorrigo Railway Museum)(Telstra’s Historical Relics, Ashfield)
The National Committee on Engineering Heritage
The Historic Bridges of Gundagai
The World’s First Concrete Arch Dam: 75-Miles Dam 1880
Where Do They Go? – The Conservation of Engineering Documents
Happy Birthday Heritage
Tarraleah Hydro-Electric Development Historic Engineering Marker
The Old Great North Road – a World-Class Engineering Masterpiece
Recent Releases (Eminent Queensland Engineers – Volume 2)(New Sydney Walking Tour Guide)(From Wattle and Daub to Concrete and Steel – The Engineering Heritage of Australia’s Buildings, Henry J Cowan)
10 August 2000 HEM for BMC-Leyland car manufacturing plant
Revisions to the Burra Charter
‘Now there’s an interesting shed’
A hundred years ago, Sydney’s year of the tram
Vincents Rivulet Bridge
Professor W H Warren biography
HEM for the Overland Telegraph
Pioneers of refrigeration in Australia
The “Snowy’s” living treasures - oral history captures their memories
2001 Conference planning advances
Australia’s heritage dams
Achievements of the National Committee on Engineering Heritage - 1999 to 2000
Engineering Heritage Conference, Auckland February 2000
Jottings from Prof. Ray Whitmore... What is heritage?
11 June 2001 The Seal, the Logo and the Coat of Arms
Heritage Engineering Excellence Awards, Sydney
History of Richmond Main Colliery
Narrows Bridge, Perth WA
Tasmania’s Heritage Bridges
Hobart’s New Floating Arch Bridge Nearly Floated Away
Abt Railway Locomotive Reconstruction
Engineering Heritage Australia Committee
Eight Historic Plaques for Dams in Tasmania
The NM25 Conservation Project
Book Reviews (John Whitton Biography)(Dam Technology in Australia 1850-1999)
Charles Gordon O’Neill, MICE 1828-1900
12 December 2001 A Clever Australian and his Foundry - Coxon of Nurmukah
Plaquing the Old Great North Road
Abt Railway Bridges Reconstruction
EHA Bulletin Snippets
Book Reviews (Vital Connections – A history of NSW roads from 1788, Rosemary Broomham)
Copper Smelting at Mt Lyell, Tasmania
Trees of Canberra Avenue Marked
Prestigious Award for WA Panel
The East West Telegraph and Whyalla District Engineering Heritage
Sir John Butters - A Peoplescape Person
Heritage Websites
Eleventh National Conference on Engineering Heritage
13 July 2002 How Engineers Celebrated the Centenary of Federation
RTA & IEAust Plaque Convict Road & Timber Bridge
12th National Engineering Heritage Conference
The Greyhound of the Pacific (S. S. Rotomahana)
Engineering Heritage in the Northern Territory
Early Hydro Plants in North Queensland
Book Review: (C Y O’Connor: his life and legacy, A. G. Evans)
Sydney Division Heritage Excellence Awards
Tarana Railway Station Refurbishment
Sale Swing Bridge
Time to Blow our Trumpet! (Oral History Program)
Engineering Heritage Walk in Hobart
Engineering Heritage Australia Committee
14 June 2003 Wrought Iron Bridges of Colonial NSW
Canberra Engineering Hall of Fame
The Goulburn Waterworks
The EHA Committee
HEM for Ross Bridge, Tasmania
HEM for Victoria Bridge, Picton
National Cultural Heritage Forum
Awards for Engineering Heritage
Heritage Dams and Weirs Under Threat
Association for Preservation Technology International
NEL for Barossa Dam
Book Review (Railways, Mines, Pubs and People and other historical research, Lindsay Whitham)
Winner - 2002 Sydney Division Engineering Excellence Awards (Walsh Bay)
Twelfth National Conference on Engineering Heritage
Butters Oration
Engineering Heritage Web Page (Sydney Division)
15 August 2004 Cobram-Barooga Bridge over the River Murray
The 1885 Craven Bros Crane
National Cultural Heritage Forum
New Plaquing Guidelines
Tasmanian Photographic Archive Project
Credit where credit’s due? (Monash and Anderson)
A Peake at Steam - Big Steam Winder in the West - Central Deborah Gold Mine, Bendigo
SA Division Heritage Engineering Excellence Award
Award to Ray Whitmore
Vale Tom Lawrence
Toowoomba Hosts a Great Conference
Tour of Rocky & Mt Morgan
16 February 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award for Harry Trueman
First Trains - Then and Now (Crossing the Fergusson River)
Engineering Landmarks and the National Heritage List
Engineers Australia’s Oral History Collection Swells to 193
Identification and Assessment of Engineering and Industrial Heritage
Awarding Merit (Henry McFie)
Seals and Logos on Engineering House, Canberra
EHA is not Alone!
Engineering Heritage to the People (Sydney Walks)
The John Monash Medal (Colin O’Connor and Jack Ross)
The EHA Committee
A Peake at Steam (Broken Hill Water Supply, Charters Towers Water Supply and Ride the Unique Purrey Steam Tram, Rockhampton)
Heritage Festival Plaquing - Swan Hill Bridge
Book Review -The Great Eveleigh Railway Workshops, Richard K Butler
Sustaining Heritage -Second International Engineering Heritage Conference
17 November 2005 Something old and something new(er): Two dams honoured
‘ … the most significant engineering development (made on the Snowy Scheme)
Richmond Bridge plaque well read
Engineering Canberra: an oral history project
EHA is not alone!
Awarding merit (Leo Izod and Keith Drewitt)
Comparing the view (Keith Baker)
A rare working model telephone exchange
HEM plaque unveiled at Adelaide River Railway Bridge, NT
Barwon sewer aqueduct, Geelong
A Peake at Steam - Peak Gold Mine, Cobar
State heritage listing for tramway tunnel
Sustaining Heritage: The Second International Engineering Heritage Conference
18 July 2006 2005 Colin Crisp Awards
Engineering Heritage International Activity
Historic Engineering Marker for the Tasmania Gold Mine
Comparing the view (Keith Baker)
Awarding Merit (John Muirhead and Dr Lenore Coltheart)
When is a Bridge Not a Bridge? When it’s a long dining hall (Denison Bridge)
A Peake at Steam – (HMAS Diamantina and HMAS Kara Kara)
Heritage Tour to Tasmania’s West Coast
EHA is Not Alone!
Book Review (The Bridge, Peter Lalor)
John Monash Medal 2005 (Ray Whitmore)
19 March 2007 Australia’s Lost Border
Engineering Heritage in the Wider Context
HEM Plaque Unveiled at White Cliffs Solar Power Station
Comparing the View (Keith Baker)
Awarding Merit (Lindsay Whitham and Dick van der Molen)
Historic Engineering Marker for Duck Reach Power Scheme in Tasmania
John Monash Medal 2006 for Harry Trueman
EHA Is Not Alone!
A Peake at Steam - Steam-driven Sugar Mills in Java
The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
Lake Margaret Power Scheme Update
14th National Engineering Heritage Conference 2007
Book Review (Rack Railways of Australia, David Jehan)
Engineering Heritage Australia Board 2007
20 May 2008 Colin Crisp Award 2007 (Hinton Bridge Capacity Upgrade)
Engineers Lead Celebrations for Great Northern Railway, NSW
Henry Jacob (Jack) Cowan AO
Walkerville Lime Kilns
A Peake at Steam – Botany Pumping Station, Donnelly River Timber Mill, K1 – The Worlds First Garratt Locomotive Returns to Service
Comparing the View (Keith Baker)
HIFAR Reactor Honoured
Awarding Merit (Dr Max Lay and Mick Kent)
Using the Work of Yesterday’s Engineers Today to Teach the Engineers of Tomorrow
EHA Is Not Alone!
21 December 2008 Tathra Wharf
The Longest Fence in the World
Australia’s First Railway Line
Comparing the View (Keith Baker)
A Peake at Steam - SS Xantho and Her Trunk Engine
Heritage Marker on “The Track”
Relaunch of ACT Engineering Heritage Self-Guided Tour Brochure
2008 John Monash Medal for Carl & Margret Doring
Historic Engineering Marker for Lake Margaret Power Scheme
The Melbourne Hydraulic Power Company and Public Hydraulic Power Systems in Australia
Port Arthur Lime Kiln
EHA Is Not Alone!
Awarding Merit (Dr Donald John Fraser and Bill Patterson)
Third Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference
22 December 2009 Engineering Heritage National Landmark – Rock Bolting Development Site
ACT Tree Planting Has Links to Engineering Heritage
Adaptive Reuse of the Kingston Powerhouse
Green Light for Snowy Scheme Collection Museum
Marker Sites Now (Ross Bridge, Kingston Powerhouse, Sydney Street Lighting, Lake Margret Power Scheme)
John Monash Medal 2009 (Richard Hartley)
From The Past (Professor Ian Stewart)
The Bridges of Perth – (An EA Engineering Week Tour)
A Peake at Steam – HMAS Castlemaine
Comparing the View (Keith Baker)
Recognised Engineering Heritage Works
Heritage Recognition of the ‘Grafton to Brisbane National Railway Link’
23 July 2010 3rd Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference, Dunedin
A Historic ACT Bridge and Three Determined Professional Engineers
The Otago Central Rail Trail: ‘From Steam Trains to Pedal Power’
Recognised Engineering Heritage Works
Colin Crisp – The Man Behind The Award
Dunedin Gasworks Museum
Preservation by Operation - Sobering Thoughts
High Voltage Direct Current Transmission
Queensland’ s timber and iron lighthouses: 19th century colonial innovation
Report on the Preconference Tour of the 3rd Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference - Dunedin, New Zealand, November 2009
American Bridges in New South Wales 1870-1932
24 March 2011 Engineering Heritage Marker Unveiled at Tidbinbilla
Broken Hill Heritage Recognition Marker Event
Early Electricity Supply in Melbourne
A Peake at Steam - Millewa ‘A’ Pumping Station
Somerset Dam declared Engineering Heritage National Landmark
Michael Clarke awarded 2010 John Monash Medal
Revealing secrets beneath Melbourne
Shay Locomotives of Christmas Island
Comparing the View – (Keith Baker) Restoration and Reconstruction
Engineering Heritage Recognition for the Burdekin Bridge
Marker for Restored Humphrey Pumps
Book Review (Shays, Crabs and Phosphate, David Jehan)
Awarding Merit (names and dates of Awards of Merit from Nov 2007 to July 2010)
Engineering Heritage Australia Conference, November 2011, Hobart Tasmania
25 February 2012 Steam Tug Young Australian
Prefab – Stone and Siddeley’s Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete Construction
Engineering Heritage Recognition for the Boyer Newsprint Mill
Heritage Revisited – An Occasional Series Revisiting Previously Recognised Sites (Tharwa Bridge Reopens, Tamworth Power Station)
Protection of Australia’s Movable Cultural Heritage
Heritage Recognition for 1902 Bundaberg Waterworks
A Peake at Steam – The Washington Winch
Rock Bolting Heritage Exposure
Engineering Heritage Recognition for Rottnest Island Defence Facilities
Janevale Bridge Recognised
A fight for survival – the timber truss bridges of New South Wales
Heritage Recognition for Humpybong Creek Culvert
26 October 2012 Callington Flour Mill at Oatlands Restored
Lost in Space? Biography across the Hemispheres
16th Engineering Heritage Australia Conference - Hobart November 2011
16th Engineering Heritage Australia Conference - Pre-Conference Tour November 2011
Mobile Apps for Heritage
Murtoa Stick Shed – New Life for a Wheatbelt Cathedral
Tasmanian Transport Museum – Heritage Recognition
Getting it Right at Heritage Sites (Keith Baker)
Hobart’s Floating Bridge, 1943-1964
Ancient & Medieval Artillery
Protecting Australia’s Oldest Bridge (Richmond, Tasmania)
The Engineering of Budj Bim
Submarines in Australia
Steam Tug Wattle – a Restoration Story
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