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Map of EHRP Marker Locations

A list of all the items that have been recognised with a marker since the commencement of the program in 1984 is available here.

The image of a map of Australia to the right indicates the location of all EHRP markers in Australia. Click on this image to open an interactive map that will:

  • provide a brief description for each item,
  • a link to an items webpage for additional information; and
  • a link to the location in Google Maps which can then provide directions on how to get to the item from any nominated location.


Engineering Heritage Australia (EHA) is a Special Interest Centre established by Engineers Australia, the peak body for the engineering profession in Australia.

EHA’s vision is to be recognised as the expert group for the practice of heritage and conservation engineering and for information and advice on all aspects of Australian engineering heritage and history.

EHA is led by a national committee that is progressing the following areas of activity:

Heritage Engineering: application of engineering knowledge, skills and techniques to the conservation; including maintenance, restoration and/or adaptive reuse, of all items of cultural significance to the community;
Engineering Heritage: identification, assessment and recording of those items of heritage that owe their existence to the theory and practise of engineering;
Engineering History: documentation of stories of Australian engineering people, items and knowledge with provision to enable sharing; and
Communications: to ensure EHA’s vision of being recognised by engineers and the Australian community is achieved.


The purpose of this website is to enable access to engineering heritage knowledge by the general public, social historians, engineering heritage historians and heritage engineering professionals. The website will also provide access to an archive of information developed by EHA’s recognition, oral history, award, conference and communication programs.

Engineers Australia also maintains a web page providing information on EHA at:

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