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The EHA Magazine was produced from December 2013 through to retirement of the Editor Margret J. Doring, FIEAust., CPEng., M.ICOMOS. in March 2023. There are a total of 30 Magazines published over this 10 year period. The Magazines are available for download from the table below.

Year Volume No. Link to Magazine Table of Contents
2013 01 01 December 2013 Owen Peake – Winner of the Sir John Monash Medal for 2013
Dr John William Connell, AM, D.Eng.
Edward Barton and the Barton White & Company Power Station and Factory
One Last Trip for the “City of Adelaide”
Ron Stewien – Railway Man (obituary)
National Steam Centre, Scoresby, Vic.
Ord River Diversion Dam
Overland Telegraph
Phoenix Foundry in Ballarat
Sir George Julius & the Julius Tote
Royal Engineers Building, Hobart
Clydebank’s Titan Crane
Powering Perth (book review)
2014 01 02 March 2014 Engineering Heritage Conference, Canberra, 2013 - The Pre-Conference Tours
Engineering Heritage Conference, Canberra, 2013 - Papers from the Conference
The Great Ocean Road in Victoria - The World’s Largest War Memorial
The “City of Adelaide” back in Port Adelaide
2000 Years of Stone Bridges in Provence
Killawarra and Duff’s Bridges – a Requiem
The Electrolytic Zinc Co. of Australasia Ltd.
The Port of Clarence – the Premier River Port of NSW
2014 01 03 June 2014 Vale Brian Lloyd – Distinguished Engineer & Historian
From the Chair & The Chair on Tour – Keith Baker
EA Recognises Queensland’s Blackall Woolscour
The Dawn of Early Railways in Australia
Engineering Heritage in Manchester & Beyond
Australian Engineers join a Newcomen Society Manchester Tour
Level Changes between Waterways
Engineering Heritage Queensland Secures a Community Heritage Grant for its Archives
A Report on the EHA Heritage Recognition Program
Roman Concrete
An IMechE Heritage Award for Concorde SST
2014 01 04 September 2014 Vale Bob Harvey
From the Chair – Bridges & Poetry – Keith Baker
An Unusual Concrete Bridge in North Queensland
Almost the Last Giant Hammerhead Cranes
INTERSCAN – A Great Australian Invention
The Batlow Hydro-electric Scheme & George Brown
Diaphone Foghorn at Point Lonsdale Victoria
Victorian Engineering Heritage Inventory
The B–24 Liberator Bomber & the Werribee Hangar
Rockhampton Railway Roundhouse – 1914 to 2014
The Sydney Harbour Control Tower
Construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – a DVD
2014 01 05 December 2014 From the Chair – Keith Baker - Industrial Heritage & ICOMOS
The 2014 Winner of the John Monash Medal
100 Years of the HS Taylor Header Harvester
John Monash & His Innovative Bridge Designs
High Concrete Strength Saves a Monash Bridge
Building the Bairnsdale to Orbost Railway
Blackall Woolscour & the Electric Light
J. Furphy & Sons Pty Ltd Celebrates Its 150th Year
Obituary – James Semple Kerr, Conservationist
Obituary – Stuart B. Smith, Industrial Archaeologist
2015 01 06 March 2015 18th Australian Engineering Heritage Conference
From the Chair – What is Heritage?
Lake Burley Griffin on the Molonglo River
Engineers Australia & World War 1
The Exploration of Submarine HMAS AE2
Mullumbimby NSW Hydro–Electricity Scheme
The Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail, Hong Kong
Hydro Tasmania – Celebrating 100 Years
A New/Old Image of Historic Tugboat “Forceful”
Building Melbourne’s Sewerage System
Perth’s First Public Water Supply Scheme
“The Innovators” – A Book Review
Engineering Heritage & Conservation Guidelines
2015 01 07 June 2015 From the Chair – Who was Colin Crisp
John Woodside receives the Award of Merit
Monash Pioneers Honour their University’s Namesake
The Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
The Great Melbourne Telescope
John Monash’s earliest pier & girder concrete bridge
Stawell Water Supply – from the Victorian Grampians
Obituary – Oskar Baldinger, Swiss industrial historian
Obituary – Ken Kelsall, WA engineer & dam builder
Book Review – Early Railways 5
2015 01 08 October 2015 From the Chair – the Kingston Power Station, Canberra
Hobart’s Wonderful Floating Bridge
150 years of mechanised transport in Tasmania
The “Sons of Gwalia” goldmine
The EHA Centenary Book Project
The Hawksview Bridge over the Murray River
The Trams of Hong Kong
2016 02 01 January 2016 Bushfire destroys historic Yarloop Railway Workshops
Bruce Cole receives the EHA Award of Merit
18th Australian Engineering Heritage Conference
Who was H.B. Fraser?
Paddle Steamer “Mary Ann”
The Humphrey Pumps at Cobdogla
Rotary Converters in a Melbourne Tram Depot
Chefchaouen and the Wadi Laou in Morocco
Farewell Margaret Henry – a passionate Novocastrian
2016 02 02 April 2016 Steamfest
Mount Lyell Abt Rack Railway in Tasmania
Thompsons of Castlemaine in Victoria
Carrington Pumping Station in Newcastle
The Bushfire at Yarloop, WA – a word from the UK
Obituary – Jan (Dick) van der Molen
Do Manhole Covers tell stories?
2016 02 03 July 2016 Richard Venus Awarded the 2015 John Monash Medal
Jindalee Over-the-horizon Radar
Notes & Queries – Steam Tug “Waratah”
Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf (Part 1)
Lake Goldsmith Steam & Machinery Rally
Making Connections in Western Australia
A ray of sunlight in the Shrine of Remembrance
Obituary – Richard Hartley
Connections — SA Engineering Heritage Conference
Notes & Queries – Cremorne Railway Bridge
A Heritage Journey in Three Chapters
News from Engineering Heritage Queensland
Some New Books
2016 02 04 October 2016 The Story of Barque “James Craig” by Dr Brian Martin
Notes & Queries – Bridge Poetry Reprised
Notes & Queries – Ferguson Tractors
Duke & Orr Dry Dock Pumphouse by Owen Peake
Notes & Queries – Bairnsdale to Orbost Railway
Trams in Australia by Miles Pierce
Obituary – Dr John William Connell, AM, D.Eng.
Obituary – Brian McGrath, PSM.
Review – “With Power and Purpose” by M.G. Lay
2017 02 05 January 2017 Keith Baker awarded the John Monash medal for 2016
The upcoming 2017 EHA Conference in Mildura
The Murtoa Stick Shed – a very big tin shed
An American’s View of Australian Engineering Heritage
The Case of Two Missing Engineers
Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf – Part 2 of 3
A Tourist’s Exposure to the Industrial Heritage of Hawaii
2017 02 06 July 2017 The 19th Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference 9-13 October 2017 in Mildura Victoria
The Engineers’ Country Weekend, 13-15 October 2017 based in Mildura Victoria
Mining for Oil – the Lakes Entrance Oil Shaft, Victoria
See the Chaffey-designed Tangye Pumping Engine at the Conference & the Country Weekend
Congratulations Engineering Heritage WA
Ghosts of Bridges Past – the civil works of Harold Irwin
Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf – Part 3 of 3
Regeneration of the Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf
Dalgety Bridge over the Snowy River in NSW
Point Nepean Quarantine Station in Victoria
A Wartime Journey — Stuart Highway Heritage Guide
2018 02 07 January 2018 ASCE & EA at Psyche Bend Mildura – 13 October 2017
Engineering & Industrial Heritage in the USA
Moving the Golden Ore of Mount Morgan
Reflections on Engineering in Vietnam
Railway Bridge over Eddy Avenue in Sydney
2018 02 08 May 2018 October 2017 – A month to remember
Peter Spratt – the 2017 John Monash Medallist
The 2017 Colin Crisp Awards
Public Water Supply, Sale, Victoria
Brewarrina Fish Traps on the Barwon-Darling Rivers
The Significance of Windmills
Richard Jenkin Polglase, engineer
Barwon Sewer Aqueduct, Geelong, Victoria
Proposed Chowilla Dam in South Australia
Pigs do fly – the F-111 in Australian Service
Sarrans Hydro-Electric Dam – France
From the Potomac to the Murray
Solar Thermal Power Plant in Australia
Punts, Pontoons and Ferries
Reducing Risks to Historical Buildings
October 2017 Mildura Conference – list of all papers
2018 02 09 September 2018 IMechE at Psyche Bend, Mildura
Victoria’s Living Heritage Grants Program
Notes & Queries – The Headlie Taylor Sculpture
Notes & Queries – Fergie, the tractor that saved a town
The Recovery of Edison Street Tubes in Brisbane
Some New Zealand Railway Heritage
Millewa “A” Pumping Station in Sunraysia
Pilbara Heavy Haul Railways in WA
Book Reviews
Engineers’ Country Weekend, Geelong, Victoria
2019 03 01 January 2019 2020 NZ Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference
The Ultimo Tramways Power Station in Sydney
Launch of EA Newcastle Div. Oral History Collection
Völklingen Ironworks in Saarland, Germany
A Foghorn at Sumburgh Heads in the Shetlands
More on Manhole Covers
Sydney Quarantine Station, North Head
Steam Pumping Engine at Lake Boga, Victoria
Owen & Helen Peake re-visit Iran
Book Reviews
Novels about Engineers
2019 03 02 May 2019 Towrang Bridge and Culverts near Goulburn NSW
Connections – Big Stuff
Avalon Airshow
Peter Behrendt
A Melbourne Docklands Cargo Crane
The Black Box Flight Recorder
The Lithgow Small Arms Factory & Museum
2019 03 03 September 2019 The Electrification of Melbourne’s Railways
Gladesville Bridge
Lighting the Streets with Electricity
Honeysuckle Creek & the Moon Landings
The Beirut to Tripoli Railway
2020 03 04 January 2020 Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference 2020
Nowra Bridge across the Shoalhaven River
Concrete Pontoon at Circular Quay
Major General A.C. Fewtrell
2020 03 05 May 20020 Honorary Fellows of EA from Western Austalia
Saving Western Australia’s Engineering History
An Obituary – Ray Wedgwood, NSW Bridge Engineer
Seven of Melbourne’s Tramway Substations
The Brunswick West Tramway Substation has been added to the Victorian heritage Register
The Sniders & Abrahams Building
Making Photo Archives Accessible
Emergency Reconstruction of the St Helena Embankment on the Casino to Murwillumbah rail line
2020 03 06 September 2020 Winners of the 2019 Colin Crisp Awards
Sir Ernest Thomas Fisk
Anthony George Maldon Michell
Die Wuppertaler Schwebebahn
2021 03 07 January 2021 2021 Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference
A New Home for the ARHSnsw
Dr Emory Leland Kemp, 1931 - 2020
NSW Railway & Tramway Honour Boards
Tram Substation Machinery in Melbourne
Perth's Secret WWII RAAF Bunker
A Book by Francis Sheilds
Malcolm Moore & Albert Longoni – Engineers
2021 03 08 May 2021 In honour of Jack Mundey AO, 1929 – 2020
Recognising Wartime Service in Public Utilities
Cockatoo Island – Industrial Powerhouse
A Black Summer for Victoria's Bridges
Sydney's Earliest Public Water Supplies
Paving Our Ways – A History of the World's Roads and Pavements
2021 Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference
2021 03 09 September 2021 The Story of the Paddle Steamer “SS Phoenix”
Edward Bell, Sydney City Engineer 1856 to 1870
Engineering Out an Epidemic, Perth, WA
Repairing Kempsey Railway Bridge
Dr Ray Boyle of Rockhampton
2022 04 01 January 2022 Sydney’s Balls Head Coal Loader
Canberra's ill-fated City Railway
The Lake Canobolas Pump House, Orange, NSW
A.T. Harman’s Port Melbourne Engineering Works
EA’s Tasmania Division Archives & Library Go Digital
Review – A History of Clyde Engineering by D. Jehan
2022 04 02 May 2022 Engineering Heritage Awards, 2021
90th Birthday of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
An Illuminating Story
Fred David – Refugee Aeronautical Engineer
The Mysterious Bradfield Cylinder
A Crossley Model XA Gas Engine at Swift’s Creek
2022 04 03 September 2022 Engineering Heritage of the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct
The Amiens Gun from World War 1
The Miles Lewis Heritage Building Materials Collection
Otto Schumacher & his Mill Furnishing Works
Portable Engineering (& World Heritage)
CSIRO’s Parkes Telescope: 60, & still going strong
2023 04 04 March 2023 John Monash Medal – call for nominations
Duck Reach Hydroelectric Power Scheme
Harris Creek Railway Bridge & its Place in History
Short Empire Flying Boat G-ADVB Corsair
Catalina PBY Flying Boats in Australian Museums
The Walter Taylor Suspension Bridge
Belconnen Naval Transmitter Station
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