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Heritage and Conservation

In August 2023 Engineering Heritage Australia published An engineer’s guide to the conservation of Australia’s engineering heritage. This Guide is designed to assist engineers working on a built item or its intangible heritage, to assess the significance of the item and its components and devise a course of action to achieve the conservation of the significance of the item.

Engineering Heritage Recognition Program (EHRP)

The EHRP has four levels of recognition for items that are of interest to Australian engineers, the level depending on the engineering heritage significance of the item. The first level the inclusion of an item in a table of ‘Items of Engineering Interest’, requirements for which are described in the ‘Items of Engineering Interest’ section below.

If the EHRP Committee considers that an item is significant in accordance with An engineer’s guide to the conservation of Australia’s engineering heritage (see Section 2.4), that item can be formally recognised with an EHRP Marker. There are three levels of marker depending on the Committee’s assessment of the items significance. The three levels are Engineering Heritage Marker (EHM), Engineering Heritage National Marker (EHNM); and Engineering Heritage International Marker (EHIM).

For the Committee to consider the award of an EHRP Marker, the item needs to be nominated in accordance with the 2024 EHRP Guidelines. The major steps in the EHRP process are shown below:

EHRP ProcessMap 2024-02-20.png

The 2024 EHRP Guidelines reflect the outcome of a recent review process, in particular to adapt to availability of information on-line via this website and can be downloaded here: …

The original 2017 EHRP Guidelines are available for download from the Engineers Australia website at 2017 Guide to Engineering Heritage Recognition Program.

Links to extracts from the 2024 EHRP Guidelines for the main steps are:

  • Proposal to Nominate
  • Prepare Nomination (2 docs: Guideline text and Template)
  • Prepare Interpretation Panel (2 docs: Guideline text and Appendix)
  • Marker Ceremony (2 docs: Guideline text and Appendix)

Please contact the Chair, EHRP at to forward Nominations and also to report any damage to Markers or Interpretation Panels.

Items of Engineering Interest

An ‘EHRP Item of Engineering Interest’ is:

  • an item that may be recognised with an EHRP marker at some time in the future either when its heritage significance is clarified and/or pending preparation of a formal EHRP Nomination document;
  • an item that does not warrant an EHRP marker but should still be drawn to the attention of engineers and interested public;
  • an item within a broad framework that has been recognised with an EHRP marker but should be identified in its own right.

Generally, an ‘EHRP Item of Engineering Interest’ is an example of engineering excellence with a story that is worth recording. Many of these items are already identified, for example, in brochures for local walking tours.

Recognition of an ‘EHRP Item of Engineering Interest’ is by inclusion in the EHA Website list and the creation of a webpage for that item. No physical or virtual Marker is provided as part of the listing. Each Engineering Heritage Branch is responsible which items are included in the EHA Website list and for the accuracy of the material included on the webpage, subject only to editorial and style review by the EHA Webmaster.

A form for recording the information required to create an ‘EHRP Item of Engineering Interest’ is attached as EHRP Item of Engineering Interest Template, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

EHRP Committee

Current 'Terms of Reference' for the EHRP Committee were approved by the EHA Committee during their meeting held on 13 December 2023. A copy of the EHRP Terms of Reference is available for download here.

The EHRP is run by a volunteer national committee. Current members are:
Richard Muncey (Chair); Bob Taaffe (Deputy Chair); Perry Beor; Rex Glencross-Grant; Gregg Klopp; Merv Lindsay; Eamonn Madden; Bill Phippen and Mike Taylor (Chair EHA, ex-officio member).

EHRP Tables and Lists

The lists below are automatically generated from the above tables.

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