MLC Building, Adelaide

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Prior to the construction of the MLC Building on Victoria Square Adelaide’s commercial building had changed little from masonry and reinforced concrete.

MLC purchased land in Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, Townsville in Australia, and Hamilton in New Zealand at the same time to develop new offices.

With construction starting in October 1955 and completed in 1957 the MLC Building was Adelaide’s first post-war skyscraper. It was designed in the same style as the new MLC offices in the other states.

It has a lightweight steel framed structure based on then current research worldwide to both minimise the quantum of building materials and increase the speed of construction.

Uniquely for Adelaide at the time the façade is a curtain wall system.

A weather beacon was installed on the roof. A handbook published at the same time as the beacon was installed guided the interpretation of the beacon.

MLC Building, Adelaide
Source: Wikicommons
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